5 morning beauty tips


Enhancing your beauty doesn’t always require a lot of time. When it comes to morning glory, less is more. So check out this 5-minute tips to look fresh and beautiful even if you are in a hurry.
Wash – start with cleaning, using gentle, non-drying cleanser. Avoid products that contain drying ingredients such as sodium laureth sulfate. Try not to use acne face wash daily. For deep cleaning once a week use scrub with natural ingredients like walnuts – it will gently exfoliate and will not harm your skin with chemicals. Once clean, dry gently. Don’t rub the skin, as it weakens the delicate tissues and causes early aging and sagging.
Hydrate – after cleaning apply a moisturizer. Creams with natural emollients are best. Watch the texture of cream to be smooth and weight of crème to be light – it is a signs of good quality.
Blush – looking fresh is impossible without natural-like blush. Just swipe a blush on the apples of the cheeks and very lightly around the face. Glow that blush adds to your face can even be enough makeup for some.
Mascara – if your eyelashes are light or thin the darkening is essential to highlight the eyes.

Moisturized lips – get luscious lips simply by applying a lip balm with pigment color one-two tones pinker than your natural color .
Simple hair- to complete your look take care of you hairstyle. No time to wash your hair? Go for a loose bun or ponytail. That looks pretty, fast to make and quick and do not highlight that hair are dirty. Curly hair can be air-dried to accentuate the curl pattern.



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