6 reasons of bad sleep

Having good sleep at night not only affects our energy level during the day. It results in our skin glow, helps faster digestion and overall health.

But what to do if your hours of beauty sleep are interrupted by nightmares and why it happens? Knowing your enemy is the fist step to fight him. So how to stop bad dreams from creeping into your sleep?


1. Anxiety and Stress
Mostly being a result of traumatic situation in life, anxiety and stress acn be the reason for nightmares and bad sleep.  International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) claiming major health problems, surgeries, accidents, loss of beloved to be triggering nightmares.

Though needed to admit, not all nightmares require major stress. Everyday tensions or relationship problems can cause bad sleep as well.


2. Spicy Foods 
Psycho-physiological research has shown that people who eat spicy food has less quality sleep, wake up more often during the night and take more time to fall asleep. The reason is that spicy food increases body temperature which disrupts sleep. Same goes for eating close to bedtime.


3. Fat Content of Food 
Few surveys has proved that fatness of the food consumed influences the amount and quality of the sleep. One of researches has compared people eating organic food and people consuming “junk” food. The result – people who prefer organic food has good sleep and feel lighter in the morning, on the contrary to “junk” food eaters.


4. Alcohol
Alcohol can help in falling asleep fast, but it will as well cause a premature wake-up. Alcohol withdrawal can be one of the biggest reasons for nightmares.


5. Drugs
Few drugs, especially antidepressants can cause nightmares and bad sleep as side effects. It mostly refers to ketamine, a drug used in anesthesia. However, nightmares fade as soon as system is clear from the drug.


6. Illness
Illnesses which include fever, such as the flu, can be triggering nightmares. Few special disorders, like apnea can as well affect bad dreams and nightmares.


Bad dreams and nightmares in general are said to be normal response of brain. Though if they last for few months it is advised to consult a doctor.

But the first step to fight your night demons is elimination of above six factors


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