5 ways to raise the mood naturally

Fighting bad mood and depression is not so easy. Statistic says that one out of ten people nowadays suffers from depression. That eventually leads to health problems as well and results in overall drop of body performance.

However, don’t rush into medical stores.

If you feel depression is getting to you, mind that there are lots of small things in life that we don’t always pay attention to but that can naturally raise our mood and do not let the situation become critical.


Try these 5 simple tips and stay positive:

1. Remember “good old days”

– good memories have surprisingly intense effect on our mood. By reliving the good memories you a tricking the brain that feels emotions as current and start producing endorphins – hormones of happiness.

2. Feet don’t lie
Going for a run? Focus on small details, like the sound of your steps on the ground, number of dogs in the park, color of hats on people’s heads etc. It’s called mindful engagement – by concentrating on small things your brain gets too busy to focus on bad emotions and tensions.

3. Give happiness
If you thought it’s a joke, good news – making someone else happy can actually help you to beat depression. You don’t have to plan an entire campaign to make the city happy. But simple random acts of kindness arouse positive thoughts and help the brain to squash negative feelings.

4. iSleep instead of iPad
Dim light that is produced by all electronic devices (like TV, iPad, mobile phone) affects not only your sleep but your overall mind state. It happens because when detecting light, the brain is not able to produce melatonin—the sleep hormone. In a similar way it affects neurons in the areas that are responsible for your mood.

5. Smiiiile
Your brain is used to receive signs from your body reflecting your mood. Thus by lifting the corners of lips, we are making the brain think that we are happy. The brain reacts by taking the happy feelings forward and responding by endorphins. So not only we can smile when we are happy. But we can smile to be happy.


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