Ultimate snacks for weight loss

Snacking is the most favorite time-pass as well as the ultimate way to grab a bite during office hours.

However, it leads to obesity and digestion problems in future. Find out healthy and delicious alternatives that will keep you on the go and will not harm your figure.


1. Alternative for cheese crackers =>

“Cheese boats”

Cut the bell pepper and stuff it with ricotta cheese (fat-free), add some spices and masala.

Vitamin C from bell pepper and spices act as fat-releasers.

2. Alternative for cakes and coffee =>

Cocoa – dark chocolate contains the highest amount of cocoa. It’s antioxidants serve weight-loss purpose and produce endophins – happy hormones. Moreover few pieces of dark chocolate energize you better than any coffee.

3. Alternative for potato chips =>

Mix of almonds, mini fat-free cheese and baby carrots – these tasty healthy mix contains proteins, calcium, fiber and vitamins and doesn’t stay on you hips as fat.


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